Bitumen Drum Decanter

The bitumen decanter from Comix is a high efficiency, reliable and productive decanting unit custom designed to deliver the best in class productivity & reliable performance. These decanters are specially designed to reheat and melt bitumen packed in drums.

Designed for use in association with bulk storage tanks the melted bitumen is automatically transferred from the decanter reservoir to the storage tank during the decanting process.

These units are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing installations such as an asphalt plant or bitumen binder production plants. Bitumen logistics is sometimes an issue, especially in those areas where an adequate supply of hot liquid products through conventional road transport tanks is not ensured.

Here most end users are consequently supplied with solid bitumen in drums, but then they have to melt bitumen back into the liquid form prior to usage or storage.

For Today Requirements, we have developed the most performing drums melting unit actually available on the market. Reliability, user-friendly, and high efficiency are the key features of these machines, widely sold to all major road contractors, most of which own more than one unit for each of their different job sites.


  • Most economical way Melting Bitumen in Drums means minimum fuel cost & labour cost per ton of melt Bitumen
  • Pollution free technology
  • User Friendly equipment – no skilled operator required


  • Bitumen in steel drums heated / melted by hot thermic oil in a closed well insulted chamber
  • Loading of Bitumen Drums by hydraulically operated lifters
  • Green technology without pollution
  • Continuous loading and melting of drummed Bitumen & empty clean drum ejexts out from rear end of decanter
  • Chamber gates remains closed by springs
  • Float type level gauge in Bottom reservoir
  • Heating chamber temperature & Bitumen reservoir temperature measured by PTR sensors and digitally displayed on it’s control panel